The formal accounts for 2022 show how income was received and expenditure incurred in the year ended 31st December 2022, with comparative figures for 2021.

It has been a good year financially. We have raised significant funds for the church and made a number of donations to the PCC for a variety of projects.

Looking at the detail of the Friends’ income in 2022, you will see that we received:
  • £900 in subscriptions in respect of 32 memberships
  • £560 in donations of which £260 was for a new strimmer and £300 a bequest from the estate of Colin Sampford
  • £719 from the Quiz Night in February
  • £1,104 from the Plant Sale in May
  • £1,163 from the Autumn Craft Fair in November
  • £1,383 from Sunday Afternoon Teas from May to September
  • £240 in bank interest
  • £283 in the form of a tax refund in respect of Gift Aided donations.

The Friends total income for the year was £6,353.

Our expenditure in 2022 was as follows:
  • Fund-raising costs of £890 consisting of
     o £48 for the Quiz Night
     o £40 for the Craft Fair
     o £803 for the Plant Sale all but £26 of which was paid to Matthews Plants.
  • Other expenditure amounting to £4,318 consisting of
     o £26 for AGM expenses
     o £656 for repairs & maintenance of the churchyard
     o Grants to the Parochial Church Council consisting of
        • £510 to replace the notice board outside the church
        • £297 for a new lectern microphone in the church
        • £2,560 as a contribution towards the new boiler for the church.

The Friends total expenditure in 2022 was £5,208.

The Friends started 2022 with total reserves of £20,665, which by the end of the year had increased by £1,145 to £21,810. Of the latter, £2,546 is in the Friends’ current account with Barclays Bank and £19,264 with the Church of England Deposit Fund.

Looking Forward, on the income side we have already held this year’s Quiz Night, jointly with the PCC, and, as mentioned by Philip. we are planning a Plant Sale in May, the provision of Sunday Afternoon Teas during the summer months and a Craft Sale in the Autumn.

On the expenditure side for 2023 there are, as also mentioned by Philip, two areas of expense that we know about so far. The repair to the stained-glass window in the belltower, which is expected to cost no more than £500, and the installation of audio-visual equipment in the church to further enhance the on-line experience. Gaz is leading on this issue and a lot more planning and research work is needed before it becomes a reality. The Friends of St James have committed up to £5,000 towards the cost.

Des Conridge

Hon. Treasurer

10 March 2023

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