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The following biographies of clerics who have served at St James the Great, Thorley, have been extracted from the various sources indicated.


From: The Correspondence of Reginald Pole. 4. A Biographical Companion: The British Isle, by Reginald Pole, Thomas Frederick Mayer, Courtney B. Walters

John Atherton
BA 1540 (GBΓ p. 342), MA 1545 (GBΔ, p.23); nom. 19 Dec 1546 fell. Trinity College Cambridge with William Glyn, Nicholas Morton, John Brooke, John Christopherson, John Orphinstrange, John Yonge, Richard Copley, Edward Taylor and Henry Wilsha (all qv) (L&P 21:2, no. 648.43); coll 25 Sept 1548 vic Hatfield Broad Oak, Ess (GL, 9531/12/1, fo. 171r)-resig bef. 20 Mar 1554 (GL, 9531/12/2, fo. 176r); inst 11 Apr 1552 vic Aldingbourne, Suss, D&C of Chich, pat. (LPLCR, fo. 131v)-depr bef. 20 Sept 1554 (WSRO, Ep/I/1/6, fo. 103r),worth 27 (VE 1, p. 299); pres 8 April 1553 vic Westdean, Suss (Peckham no. 520), ?depr bef. new pres 20 July 1554 (ibid., no. 532), certainly bef. 23 Oct (WSRO, Ep/I/1/6, fo. 101v), worth 14 15s 4d (VE 1, p. 340); priest, Chich dioc, abs 11 July 1555 marr (CRP. no. 1291); inst 23 July 1555 vic Eastbourne, Suss, J. Smith [VI qv], cath treas, pat. (WSRO, Ep I/1/6, fo. 107 r; cf. WSRO, MP 1095, p. 185), still 9 April 1556 (TSW 1, p. 112), rep. bef. 1559 by Augustine Curtis (qv), worth 26 20d (VE 1, p. 340); inst 18 July 1556 rect Folkington, Suss, Sir Richard Seckville, pat. (WSRO. Ep/I/1/6, fo. 113v; cf. MP 1095, p. 186).,vac bef. 13 Feb 1570 (Reg. Parker, p. 273), worth 12 (VE 1, p. 340); inst 28 Apr 1558 rect Waldron, Suss (WSRO, Ep I/1//7, fo. 4v; cf. MP 1095, p. 192), still 8 Aug 1558 (TSW 4, p. 284), worth 13 4s 6d ( VE 1, p. 340); inst 24 Jan 1559 vc Rye, Suss, Sir Richard Sackville, pat. (WSRO, MP 1095, p.195 from CCA, Reg U2, fo. 42; SVI, p. 108)-resig. bef. I0 June 1564 (WSRO, Ep. /I/1/7, fo. 22r), worth 42 13s 5d (VE 1, p. 345); coll 28 May 1562 Consumpta-per-Mare preb, London (GL. 953l/13/1, fo. 124v), oc 30 Dec 1592-bef. 27 June 1598 (F3 1, pp. 29-30); coll 28 Dec 1562 rect Thorley, Herts-resig bef. 20 Apr 1573 (GL, 9531/13/1, fos 128r-v and 171v); inst 3 Jan 1563 rect Leaden Roding, Ess, crown pat, vac (resig) bef. 26 Nov 1571 (GL, 9531/13/1, fos 128v and 164r); inst 17 March 1570 vic Lastingham, N. York, Robert Atberton. gen. pat. (BI, Inst.AB.2, part 3, fo. 57r; BI, Reg. 30, fo. 50v)- bef. 30 Mar 1598 (BI, Inst.AB.3 fo. 299r), as such signed 1562 articles 15 September l57l (BI, Inst.AB.2, part 3, fo. l26v); inst 17 May 1572 rect [sic] Gilling in Cleveland [Gilling East (0S)], N. York, Sir William Fairfax, pat. (BI, Reg. 30, fo. 75v and lnst.AB.3, fo. 7r)-bef. 26 July 1598 (BI, Inst.AB.3. fo. 302v); will 29 Mar 1598/prov 5 Oct 1598 (BI, Reg. 31, fo. 138r): MA, vic [sic] of Gilling, 10 to bro Thomas Atherton, 20 to 'my da Atherton's son', 10 to son John Atherton, gown and bed plus full child's portion already received to da Alice Gilman, 7d to all godchild and wife's, 12d to each svt, if child's portion to sons Andrew and John Atherton more than the 30 son Thomas has already received, his portion to be brought up, sons res legs, Andrew and John execs.


From: The Eton College register, 1753-1790, compiled by Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh.

Stephen Eaton
3rd s. Daniel E. and Elizabeth, nee Sanderson; bap. 30 Oct. 1737 at Deene, co. Northampton; King' s Scholar Eton, 1749; matric. at Oxford, from Merton College, 28 Mar. 1757; B.A. 1760; M.A. 1763; rector of St. George-the-Martyr, Holborn, 1765-81; rector of Thorley, co. Hertford, 1778-80; vicar of Northall, co. Middlesex, 1779-1806; rector of St. Anne's, Soho, 1781-1806; archdeacon of Middlesex 1781-1806; d. unm. 14 Feb. 1806. (E.C. Bap. Cert.; Foster, Alumni Oxon.; Gent. Mag. 1806, p. 284 a ; Burke, L.G.; Hennessy, Novum Repertorium)


From: Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1868.

John Mathias Procter
Vicarage, Aldborough Hatch, Ilford, Essex. -Trin. Coll. Ox. 2nd cl. Lit. Hum. B.A. 1858, M.A. 1861 ; Deac. 1859 and Pr. 1860 by Bp of Ox. P. C. of Barkingside, Dio. Lon. 1864. (Patron V. of Ilford ;Tithe, 45l ; Glebe,20 acres ; P C's Inc. 160l ; Pop. 1557.) V. of Aldborough Hatch, Dio. Lon. 1864. (Patron, the Crown ; Tithe, 20l ; Glebe, 15 acres ; V.'s Inc 90l and Ho. ; Pop 490.) Formerly C. of North Rode 1859 ; Fell of Jesus Coll Ox.


From: Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1874.

Frederick Vander-Meulen
Thorley Rectory, Bishop's Stortford. -Trin. Coll. Cam. B.A. 1834, M.A. 1837 ; d 1836, p 1837 by Bp of Win. R. of Thorley, Dio. Roch. 1853. (P, Bp of Roch ; Gl. 50 a ; Tithe, 535l ; Gross Inc. 535l and Ho ; Pop. 423.)


From: Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1885.

John Mathias Procter
Thorley Rectory, Bishop's Stortford. -Trin. Coll. Ox ; 2nd cl. Mod. 1856, B.A. (2nd cl. Lit. Hum. ) 1858, M.A. (Jes. Coll.) 1861. d 1859, p 1860 Ox. Hon. Can of St. Alban's 1882 ; R. of Thorley, Dio. St. Alban's, 1883. (P, Bp. of St. Alban's ; Gl. 48 a, let for 76l ; T.R.C. 470l ; Fees 4l ; Gross Inc. 550l ; Net 420l and Ho ; Pop 415.) F Fell. of Jes. Coll Ox. 1859-64 ; C. of N. Rode 1859 ; Dioc. Insp. of Schs ; V. of Barkingside and Aldborough Hatch, Essex, 1864-78 ; R. of Laindon w Basildon, Essex, 1878-83.


From: Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1932.

John Edward Ingleby Procter
New Coll. Ox. B.A. (2nd cl. Hist.) 1888, M.A. 1891. d 1888 St. Alb. p 1890 St. A. for St. Alb. C. of St. John, Stratford, Essex, 1888-89; Saffron-Walden 1889-90; Thorley 1890-1909; Asst. Sec. Bp of St. Alb. Fund 1890-1910; R.D. of Bishop's Stortford 1923-29; R. of Thorley, Dio. St. Alb. from 1909. (P. Bp; T.R.C. 506l w 52 a of Gl. val. 39l; Q.A.B. 6l; Eccles. Comm. 1l; Fees 6l; Gross Inc. 558l, Net 483l and Ho; Pop. 622) Hon. Can. of St. Ethelburga in St. Alb. Cathl. From 1930. Thorley Rectory, Bishop's Stortford. (Tel. Bp's Stortford 167.)


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