St James the Great, Thorley


The following list of Rectors with their dates of Institution is that in Canon Procter's Church Guide, which was published in the 1920s and references Newcourt's Repertorium and Cussan's History of Hertfordshire, extended to include more recent incumbents using information from other sources. The names of the incumbents before 1327 are not known.

There are links from this page to a number of biographies. Those written for this website have sought to use New Style dates, in which the year has been adjusted as though it commenced on 1 January prior to 1752. The date styles in those from other sources are as of the cited references. The biographies written for this website attempt to resolve inconsistencies in and between the sources on which they are based. Such inconsistencies naturally remain in those from other sources.

Name of Rector                   Date of Institution     Patron
William Vigerons                   13th April 1327†  Bishop of London
Stephen de Scatldeford              6th May   1329†         "
William-at-Water                    6th May   1333†         "
Thomas Thorpe                      24th Sept. 1393          "
John Berton                        18th April 1401          "
John Gray                               -                   "			
William Seton                       2nd Sept. 1431          "
John Chicheley                     17th April 1433          "
William Northwold                  31st July  1434          "
Robert Coventry                     7th June  1443          "
John Gaytcliffe                    11th Sept. 1470          "
Henry Thomas                            Aug.  1474          "
Robert Wylly                        8th Oct.  1474          "
Thomas, Bishop of Pavia            22nd Oct.  1493          "
Robert Glowceter                         -                  "
Ralph Wakefield                    14th Feb.  1502          "
Thomas Chamber(O)                  10th April 1528          "
Edmund Brygate(C,O)                22nd Oct.  1545          "
John Atherton (C,B)                28th Sept. 1562          " 
Christopher Taten(C)               20th April 1573          "
Francis Burley(1)(C)               5th  July  1594   Queen Elizabeth,the
                                                     See of London being
John Mountford(C)                   3rd May   1619   Bishop of London
Robert Pory (2)(C,O)                    Nov.  1640          "
Benjamin Some(C)                              1662          "
Thomas Turner(3)(C,O)              4th  Nov.  1680          "
Thomas Beaumont(C,O)               20th Jan.  1689          "
John Reynolds(C)                   27th Jan.  1710          "
Thomas Ely                         27th May   1728          "
William Gibson(C,O)                27th Nov.  1742          "
John Horsley                       18th March 1745          "
Thomas Henry Louth (O)              5th Jan.  1778          "
Stephen Eaton (O,B)                 6th July  1778          "
Samuel Horsley(4,C,O)              11th Dec.  1779          "
Joseph Warton(5,O)                 20th April 1782          "
William Browne(C)                  14th Jan.  1784          "
Thomas Pennington(C)                7th Feb.  1798          "
Frederick Vander-Meulen(6,C)       13th Jan.  1853          "
John Mathias Procter(7,O,B)        22nd Jan.  1883  Bishop of St Albans
John Edward Ingleby Procter(8,O,B)  8th Sept. 1909          "
Norman Ashby                                  1938          "
George Harding Wood                           1940          "
Sydney E.F. Robinson(9)                       1946          "
Alan John Cole                     20th Oct.  1980  Queen Elizabeth II, the
                                                    See of St Albans being
Clive P. Slaughter                 11th June  1987  Bishop of St Albans
Robert H.V. Payne                  11th Sept. 2002          "
Christopher Malcolm Orme            4th Feb.  2015          "
Gareth Paul Tracey                 29th Jul.  2020          "
†  The day and month recorded for the Institution of each of the first three
Rectors would appear to be in error. Although these are as published in
Cussan's History of Hertfordshire, the Institution of William Vigerons is
recorded in Newcourt's Repertorium as taking place on 13. Kal. Apr., that
is thirteen days before the Kalends of April (1 April) counting inclusively,
corresponding to 20 March. The Institutions of both Stephen de Scatldeford
and William-at-Water are given as occuring on 6. Id. Maii. in their respective
years, that is six days before the Ides of May (15 May) counting inclusively,
or 10 May. 1. One of the Revisers of the Authorised Version of the Bible issued in 1611. 2. Following the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642, Robert Pory was, in 1643, deprived
of the living of Thorley, but was reinstated as Rector at the Restoration in 1660. 3. Founder of the Apprenticing Charity. 4. Successively Bishop of St Davids, Rochester and St Asaph. 5. Head Master of Winchester College, 1766-1793.
6. The Patron for this institution would seem to have been the Bishop of London, even though Thorley was in the diocese of Rochester at the time. 7. Hon. Canon of St Albans. 8. Hon. Canon of St Albans. 9. Hon. Canon of St Albans.
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