The Friends of St James the Great, Thorley

From the Archives

200 Years of Service Local Thorley Memories of the Jubilee Celebrations Thorley and the Workhouse
Admiral F. S. Vander-Meulen 1839-1913 Matthew Raper F.R.S. Thorley Church in Trans. East Herts. Archaeological Soc. 1899
The Bartle Frere Mystery Memories of the Crashed Heinkel Thorley Field Names
A Brief History of the Friends of St James The Mongrel Thorley Hall 1253 - 2003
The Case of the Phantom Chancel Our Ancient Yew Tree Thorley Memories of the Stort
Church Bells Our Font at St James the Great, Thorley Thorley Men at Gallipoli

Churchyard Survey Update - July 2004

Our Lych Gate Thorley's 1845 Tithe Map

The Dendrochronological Dating of the St Barnabas Barn

The Pennington Files, Part One Thorley's Dad's Army of the 1700s
The Elliotts of Thorley The Pennington Files, Part Two Thorley's Domesday Record
Evacuated to Thorley 1940 The Pennington Files, Part Three - A Unique New Year Gift for Thorley Thorley's Fleet Marriages
Four Sons of the First World War The Pennington Files, Part Four - From Surgeons to Spy Thorley's Memorial to World War II
The Frere Family Wedding 6th December 1838 The Pennington Files, Part Five - A Unique Discovery? Thorley's Neighbouring Airfield
Gladys Warboys and 'The Book of Thorley: Chronicles of a Century' The Pennington Files, Part Six - The Grand Old Duke of York Thorley's Parish Records
'God's Acre' in Thorley Prehistoric St Michael's Mead Thorley's Road Names
Growing Up in the Parish of Thorley The Railway Comes to Thorley Thorley's Rogation Day
A Historical Perspective of the St Barnabas Centre Barn Recollections of Thorley by Tom Camp (1916 - 1999) Thorley's Stocks and Whipping-Post
The History of the Thorley (St. James) Scout Group Reggie Newman of Thorley Thorley's "Stylish Secret Agent of the Old School"
In the beginning ... The St Barnabas Centre Remembrance Month Thorley's Workingmen's Club and Scout Hut
James Hale Sir Richard Whittington of Thorley Transported From Thorley
John Tinney's Thorley Documents Slavery at Thorley The Turnpike Road Through Thorley
A Journey Through 900 Years of Patronage, Diocese and Income St James' Stained Glass Windows Twyford Mill, Thorley
Justice in Thorley The Subterranean Passages at Thorley Hall We Will Remember Them
Life at Thorley Rectory in 1750 Thorley and Captain Cook The Will of Edward Wyllay dated 11th November 1522


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