William at Water

Apart from that from the hyperlinked reference, the following information has been extracted from Newcourt's Repertorium and Essex and the Great Revolt of 1381 by Robert Ernest Wood.

William at Water was collated to the Rectory of Thorley on 10 May 1333.

He served at St James' until his death, some sixty years later.

It is recorded that, during the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, John Spicer, a trader in spices and a hot-headed rebel, imprisoned the Parson of Thorley and threatened to decapitate him unless he handed over the deeds of certain leasehold property in Chelmsford. It is not clear exactly who was imprisoned as, although William was Rector at that time, the records of the collection of the subsidy granted by the clergy to King Richard II that year show that money was collected from the Rector and a Chaplain at Thorley, both of whom are named as John.

William was succeeded as Rector of Thorley by Thomas Thorpe, who was instituted on 24 September 1393.

Philip Hargrave
January 2012


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